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New Year Sale !!!

Get free credits on applying the following coupon code in checkout, hurry!!! limited period offer

Coupon Code: NYEAR

Number of coupons left: 20

Details: Get 5% extra on the purchased credits

Offer ending: 31st December 2015


Get free credits on applying the following coupon code in checkout, hurry!!! limited period offer

Coupon Code: AUG15

Number of coupons left: 9

Details: Get 5% extra on the purchased credits

Offer ending: 15th August 2015

Free! Free! Free!

Earn free credits to try out our service and experience the low cost calls to your destinations. The free credits are enough for a 10 mins of call to your contacts.

To earn your free credits:
  1. Register at InstaTalk VoIP.
  2. Check your email address (including SPAM folder :)) for login details.
  3. Download and login in our Apps OR our InstaTalk website with your credentials.
  4. In your account section, verify your phone number (enter your phone number, we will call/SMS you and give you a PIN to verify)
  5. After the verification is successful, check your account balance for the FREE CREDITS!!!

To register with InstaTalk, click here

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Super low international calling rates

Experience the InstaTalk international calls that are not only dirt cheap but also crystal clear that you can verify by grabbing the free credits and calling your contacts. The low cost are not only limited to few countries but we have more than 200 countries with competitive low cost rates to call. check the below table for a small glimpse of what we are offering:

To see all countries call rates, click here

To register with InstaTalk VoIP click here

InstaTalk Callback: make cheap international calls without internet!!!

Does not require internet

If you are low on internet or have a slow internet, our Callback service is at your rescue as it does not require internet for during call but requires just to initiate the call.

How does it work?
When you choose to call a contact via the ‘Callback’ option, InstaTalk calls you and your contact and connects you via a conference bridge. Since you receive an incoming call when you initiate the call, you don’t spend your minutes at all!

Use App or website for Callback

You can use our app to use the callback or can log on to and can use the same feature. This means you can now call in cases where you don't have your phone with you

International rates start from 0.3¢

Access our low calling rates to over 250 international destinations worldwide. See rates

How much a Callback costs to me?

We will call both you and your destination so, you will have to pay our low rates for both the call.

E.g. If you are in the United States calling India you will have to pay our low US and India calling rates, i.e. 0.65¢/min + 1.1¢/min = 1.75¢/min, even that's way cheaper! (with great voice quality) than your calling card

World's lowest rate to India at 0.011 USD/min

Introducing the world's lowest rate to India without compromising on the call quality yes, you read it right, now you can call India at just 0.0011 USD/min no matter where you are located in the world, isn't that exciting?

*Note: there are no connection/setup/any other hidden fees/charges other than mentioned above.

For the exact rates, please visit

InstaTalk VoIP allows you to save up to 55% on calls as compared to carriers like Vodafone

In 1 USD you can call upto 90 mins!!! to India, so what are you waiting for? to try our service and call quality, we are offering FREE CREDITS to you on registration and number verification. So, get started and give it a try for all your international calling needs, we bet you won't regret. click here to register